Nathan is the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and principle songwriter for The Frio River Band.

Nathan’s Early Life:

Nathan grew up in a musical family. His father, Ronnie, was a band director, and his mother, Paula, was a high school Algebra teacher. Both played throughout their high school and college days, and instilled a love for music in him at a young age.

Nathan started his musical journey at an early age sitting with the Whitehouse drum section on Friday nights. It was here that he first met his future drummer Doug Davis. This also helped shape his choice to pursue music with the passion that he does.

Once he picked up his first set of drum sticks in 6th grade…well…Nathan’s path was set. He played percussion throughout his school days, and on into adulthood. It was during this time that he developed the rhythm and timing that he uses to this day.

At 16 Nathan first picked up the guitar, and fell in love with making music. He started writing a few little songs with friends and the first seeds were planted in his heart for writing music.

Nathan’s Music Life:

When he turned 19 Nathan joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent the next 5 years honorably serving his country. It was during this time that he met the group of friends that would shape his musical future, and give him direction as a songwriter. It was during this time he first had thoughts of putting a band together.

After his service was concluded, Nathan returned home to East Texas. He began a career in the Information Technology sector, and first put together The Frio River Band. He has continued to play, write, and arrange music for not only FRB, but also in several churches that he has attended.

Nathan’s Family Life:

Nathan has 4 children, and lives in Whitehouse, TX where his children are carrying on the tradition of music by playing in the Whitehouse band program.

Nathan proudly uses the following equipment:

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